Category: Risk Management

How Can We Prevent Future Economic Crises?

Dr. Horace “Woody” Brock is an author and economist, and the founder and president of Strategic Economic Decisions, an economic think tank.  He believes the growth of “bubbles”– such as the real estate bubble that had such a devastating effect on world economies in 2008 – can easily be controlled. In a recent interview with…
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The Importance of Long Term Care Planning

According to a recent survey from UBS Wealth Management Americas, long-term care is investors’ greatest personal financial concern.  Donald Jay Korn in On Wall Street (a SourceMedia publication for the financial services industry) reports that more respondents were “highly worried” about “being able to afford healthcare and the support I need in my old age”…
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Studies Show Age Affects Financial Decision Making

Cognitive impairment in old age may not simply be the result of a random event such as Alzheimer’s or a stroke. There is increasing evidence that cognitive decline in old age is natural and inevitable, and cannot be slowed by education or intelligence, nor by so-called brain exercises such as solving crossword puzzles. Our brain,…
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